Ergonomische lesmodules van KAN (Kommision Arbeitschutz und Normung)

Het Duitse normalisatie instituut KAN heeft zijn sets van ergonomische modules grondig vernieuwd. Deze modules zijn nu ook in het Engels beschikbaar.

Ergonomics for designers



  • Design machines and work equipment that are up to date, function reliably and are long-lasting
  • Involve the people who will work on these machines during planning
  • Consider ergonomic principles during design

That, at least, is the theory. In practice, this ergonomic approach is often not implemented adequately, since the subject of ergonomics is often not covered sufficiently during the basic and further training of designers. It is important however that machinery and work equipment satisfy the applicable standards and permit healthy working. The KAN Praxis ergonomics lecture modules help you to raise your own awareness and that of others for the importance of ergonomics.

The modules with over 500 lecture slides for teaching, study and further training are available for download. The project was launched and funded by the Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardization (KAN).

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