Sponsors in the spotlight

Naast individuele leden heeft Human Factors NL institutionele leden en sponsoren; kennisinstellingen en bedrijven die actief zijn op het gebied van human factors en ergonomie en hun ervaring en expertise graag delen en aanscherpen binnen het netwerk van Human Factors NL.

De verschillende sponsoren en institutionele leden stellen zich hier voor, te beginnen met Vanderlande. Deze pagina wordt in 2019 verder aangevuld. Kijk hier voor een volledig overzicht van onze institutionele leden en sponsoren.

Vanderlande is a global company delivering logistic process automation solutions for airports, warehouses and the parcel market.The company aims to optimize its customers’ business processes and competitive positions worldwide by providing an extensive portfolio of integrated solutions – innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services – contributing to fast, reliable and efficient automation technology.

The Vanderlande User Experience group safeguards the human factors perspective in the technical oriented company. The group uses a human centered design approach to create simple, smart, sensible and supportive solutions. Their daily work consists of creating concepts, prototyping and user testing. Creative brainstorm sessions and mockup testing are facilitated within their own UX design studio and their physical and digital UX lab.

The membership of Human Factors NL supports the Vanderlande UX group in sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience, learning from human factors professionals in the field.


Odeke Lenior - manager UX Design Vanderlande

Linda van der Meijden - physical UX designer Vanderlande